On Sabbatical from Safari

This blog has been quiet for the past month mostly because I wasn’t able to edit  photos without deleting the whole blog post and starting over. This was exceedingly annoying, because lots of times I want to resize a photo, or relocate it within the copy. For yet-to-be-determined reasons, that function stopped working altogether sometime between my previous post and the first of the year. I checked the WordPress discussion forums, but didn’t find any solutions that worked for me, and frankly, I was too busy with family stuff and one particular client to give it much attention.

Then in January, I noticed that Safari was crashing a lot, sometimes three and four times a day. Consulting the Apple discussion boards, I wondered if the problem was a conflict between Safari and a plug-in Older Son installed or downloaded while he was using my computer to apply for graduate school (and check Fantasy Football…).

However, yesterday an email discussion among Working Writers revealed that Safari, which I have used as my default browser completely without problems for more than four years, has gone weird for several other writers in the past month, crashing at random intervals no matter what version of OSX they’re using. Can’t lay all of that on Older Son’s late-night forays into cyberspace! (Besides, he’s always used Firefox for his browser.)

Wondering if it was not WordPress that had gone twitchy, but Safari, this week I went back to Firefox for my main browser. I felt a pang when switching, but I’m happy to report that it worked. I now can upload images to my blog, resize them, and move them around. I also can browse all day long without a single crash.

Any other Safari users experiencing similar glitches with Safari?

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10 Responses to On Sabbatical from Safari

  1. Anne M Leone says:

    Welcome back!

    Sorry, can’t help, I’m a Blogger and Firefox user. But I feel sympathy with having to switch browsers! I’ve thought about going to Google Chrome, but I’m too attached to Firefox.


    • Anne Bingham says:

      The nice thing about Safari was that I could put the RSS notification in my toolbar and a little superscript popped up to let me know how many updates there were. Haven’t figured out if that’s possible on Firefox yet!


  2. I resisted updating to the new 5.0 (now 5.0.3) for a long time. Nothing really went wrong, but something just. wasn’t. the same. So I updated and Safari feels like it should. Also have always had Firefox as a back up. I’m just saying…

    Glad you’re back!


    • Anne Bingham says:

      I’m still using the operating system that came with the MacBook when I bought it. I held off updating to Leopard because I just didn’t want to bother with the glitches I kept reading about. The computer has had a lot of hard use — the letters are worn off the A, S. D, E, and N keys! — so I suspect I’ll be updating the whole thing in a few months, ideally before I have to.


  3. MaryWitzl says:

    I’ve only ever used Firefox and Blogger. I am a creature of habit and not as knowledgeable as I should be about browsers, which I usually confuse with search engines (which my kids happen to find hilarious).

    I’m glad you’re back too!


  4. Things like that can be so frustrating and maddening. I’m glad you are back and able to work with your blog!


    • Anne Bingham says:

      Hi, Catherine. Hope you’re recovering from being under the weather in several senses. I spent way too much time yesterday on moving the blogs I read from the Safari RSS to Google Reader, but mostly it’s over with now. So far I’m finding Reader a lot easier to use, so in the long run it will be time well spent.


  5. Marcia says:

    I’ve never used Safari. I came to Firefox (which I usually slip and call Foxfire) from IE, which kept crashing after it updated itself to version 8 or whatever.

    I didn’t know you lived in Wisconsin!


    • Anne Bingham says:

      I called it Foxfire for years, too! As for your other comment, gee, Marcia, I’ve known you lived in Wisconsin for years, but I can’t remember how — maybe I saw your name in the SCBWI directory! I don’t remember where you live any more, although I have an impression it’s north and maybe west of Milwaukee, perhaps in the Stevens Point area. I think thee and me and Lisa Albert are it for Badgers on the Blueboards.


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