FTC disclosure (sort of)

FTC Disclosure. Any book, film, brand name product, or service I mention is, sadly, not the result of a paid product placement. If it’s an unsolicited sample, I’ll tell you. Otherwise, it’s a product I own or a service I use.

Not that I can’t be bought. Right now an entry-level bribe is going for the equivalent of a new Permapave driveway and sidewalks with a prepaid 30-year maintenance contract, a loaded Prius to park on the driveway (Sticky accelerator pedal? No problem!), a two-story three-car garage with a secret heated and air-conditioned writing studio on the second floor, and complete re-landscaping including mature trees and a couple of koi ponds connected by a stream like the one up the street.

Just so we understand each other.

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