And the Password is…

I just discovered a strategy for dramatically increasing the security of internet passwords. It was posted by Jim Bakic, a tech friend of mine, on his company’s IT blog. Here’s the link:

Creative as we writers are supposed to be, you’d think it would be easy to come up with a killer phrase per Jim’s recommendation. Except, um… I’m a writer. It’s hard to turn off the inner editor for routine, day-to-day communication.

I’ve rewritten messages such as  “At grocery; back by 3:30” notes three times before I was satisfied. Confronted with a website that tells me to choose a screen name RIGHT NOW, I freeze. It took me weeks to choose an avatar. I can’t begin to imagine how long it would take me to choose just the right phrase for a password.

Hmm. Just the right phrase?

No, too obvious.

Too obvious?


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9 Responses to And the Password is…

  1. This article was so informative! I like the idea of using the first letters of a simple sentence. Luckily my passwords aren’t on his list, but gosh they’re easy. I also did the mistake of using the same ones, varied only slightly.


  2. Anne M Leone says:

    Hah, so true! I want the perfect password, not just any old password. Something that represents my heart and soul, yet is short and pithy. And easy to type. =)


  3. Jim Bakic says:


    Thanks for the repost of my article. It is amazing to me that in todays day and age so many people still don’t protect their online bank account with the same level of awareness they have in protecting their purse or wallet.

    It does take a little getting used to, but eventually, it’s really easy to come up with multiple passwords that are easy to remember AND are secure.

    I plan on posting another article soon on a password management tool I’ve found that takes this to a whole other level.


  4. MaryWitzl says:

    I used to have a problem, but I’ve finally hit on a perfect way to come up with passwords. But…I’ll have to share it with you by e-mail, for obvious reasons.

    Unfortunately, I will ALWAYS struggle to be succinct, even with grocery lists. (Love that comment about empty bank accounts!)


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