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Back to paper and pen

A week after the writer getaway, I’m still in the pre-planning stages for the novel. I’m feeling increasingly confident that I’m on the right track. Nudged by the confluence of a post on a writer friend’s blogĀ  and a seriously … Continue reading

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Chai I Cherish

One of Older Son’s Christmas gifts to me was a jumbo supply of organic Fair Trade chai from SerendipiTea of Manhasset, Long Island. Of the six chai blends SerendipiTea offers, he picked the perfect one. Cha Cha Chai has just … Continue reading

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We Interrupt This Blog…

I thought I’d get a lot of writing done while I was visiting with my dad in Ohio earlier this month. I thought wrong. Dad’s 94 and still lives in the family home, with daily support from my brother. Dad … Continue reading

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The Bug in Google Reader

Nothing is so simple that I can’t complicate it. Last week’s move from Safari to Firefox inspired me to take a step I’d been thinking about for almost a year: using Google Reader (GR) for the blogs I’m following. It … Continue reading

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A New Way to Write

I’ve been using Microsoft Word since the days when it shipped with a printed manual (which I still have, and which is still extremely useful). I’ve grown very comfortable with it, to the point where I can make headers behave … Continue reading

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