Blogging = Large Fun

I’d like to thank the spambot who left my favorite comment to date, which I found in WordPress’s spam filter this afternoon.

I’ve large fun read this post. I want to see far more about this subject.. Thank you for publishing this extremely great post.. Anyways, I???¨º?¨¨m gonna subscribe to your rss as well as I want you make useful posts as soon as once more quickly.

Thank you, Mr. or Ms. Spambot. I’ve large fun writing this blog, and you bet your rss I’ll be making useful posts as soon as once, and I hope more quickly.

© 2011 Anne Bingham and Making It Up as I Go

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10 Responses to Blogging = Large Fun

  1. Sue Knopf says:

    Reminds me of the e-mail I received this morning:

    I will want to make some order from your store and do include your
    website in your next email ,let me know if you accept master or visa
    card as payment method.

    I wait your reply.


  2. This was message came today:

    I’m a free writer,so i want to writing for earn money and for more writing!


  3. Tyson says:

    This one came on Saturday:

    Published, author making monay. ; publis your book today!

    S o convincin . ; Think I will!


  4. Anne M Leone says:

    Hah! Thanks for the laugh, Anne! Good to know someone (or thing) is appreciating our writing! =)


  5. I’m sitting here laughing hysterically. You make me wish I would get some of those 🙂 Definitely large fun.


    • Anne Bingham says:

      You probably have received plenty of spam, Catherine, but Blogger caught it for you. I’m not on that platform so I don’t know if you can access a spam cache to see if anything good was caught by mistake. Out of the 1300+ spam comments WordPress has caught, only one was legit. It was well-meaning but apparently generic enough that it triggered the spamnet.


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