Better Late than Never

The first phase of Christmas decorating is underway: the porch furniture’s back inside.

I should have done this in September, but I always put it off in hope that there will be one or two more 75º days. This is a mistake: September always turns into October, and then this year we were distracted by the porch roof. We discovered that the rubber had aged out, and duct tape wasn’t going to fix it.

Don’t you just love spending wheelbarrows of money on things no one will ever see?

You’d think I would have had enough sense to bring in the furniture before the workers started tearing off the old roof, but no. When I finally got around to closing down the porch on December 1 (!), with the help of Older Son, I not only had the usual accumulation of dust and spider webs to clean, I also had to cope with 30 years of grit and pulverized varnish dislodged from the tongue-and-groove ceiling during the installation of the new decking.

Nothing was permanently damaged; the furniture is mostly easy-care stackable plastic chairs, and the artwork cleaned up well, too (original primitives in terracotta and plaster of paris–my kids went to arts specialty schools).

Except for five chairs I hope to get to in the morning, everything’s tucked in a corner of the basement now. High time: we’re expecting our first measurable snow tonight.

When the last chair goes downstairs tomorrow, the Christmas wreath is coming up. Once that’s on the front door, and the Christmas mugs have replaced the eclectic collection in the kitchen, I won’t miss the porch again until, oh, about March.

© 2010 Anne Bingham and Making It Up as I Go

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8 Responses to Better Late than Never

  1. Tim Eisele says:

    Yes, it is always so tempting to put off bringing in the outdoor furniture, isn’t it? And then, whoosh, there’s the snow and it’s too late . . .

    I’m a little surprised that your first measurable snow has yet to come. We got a couple of feet the week of Thanksgiving, and I had thought that Wisconsin had been hit, too.


    • Anne Bingham says:

      Wisconsin got snow north, west, and south of Milwaukee, but only dustings in the metro area. I suspect a combination of geography and all the concrete creates a heat column that deflects precipitation. Countless times I’ve watched a storm advance toward us on a Doppler website, only to see it all fall apart about the time it gets to the expressway that circles the city. But it’s snowing now — 2 inches by official measurement on the picnic table — and it’s still coming down!


  2. I’m of the if-you-bring-an-umbrella-it-doesn’t-rain philosophy. And when I do bring an umbrella, it doesn’t. So you’re saying this doesn’t work with leaving summer chairs out to stave off the cold and snow? Pffft.


  3. Anne M Leone says:

    Funny all the little signs we have that Christmas is coming; bringing in the porch furniture is a good one!

    I skyped my parents yesterday and they’ve already put the Christmas tree up! It really is coming!


    • Anne Bingham says:

      We’re still a few days away from foraging for a tree, but the wreath went up as soon as I saw the snow. I keep thinking about getting an artificial tree, but it’s just one more thing to store in a house that’s bursting as it is.


  4. MaryWitzl says:

    We’re way ahead here on the measurable snow — we’ve got at least two inches out there now and more due to come. And I’d love to compare porch roof leaks: I just found a flood of stale water that’s been sitting for God knows how long in a corner, all over the beautiful wood planking I laid down a few years back, now nicely warped.

    I’m thinking our Christmas tree this year will be some poor little seedling that would just get plowed over anyway. Free, and (almost) guilt free too.


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