Anybody Know This Doll?

We had the air ducts cleaned last week, and the technician found this pretty little doll’s head in one of the dining room cold-air returns.

Since I neglected to have girls, I’m 100% sure she predates our moving in.

I’d like to know who she is before adding her to the display of artifacts we’ve found on the property (a china dollhouse bride that Pete the Magnificent’s mom identified as being from the 1920s, a plastic arm that my sons think might have come from an old Batman toy, assorted marbles).

From her hairstyle, I’m guessing she’s from the late Sixties to mid Seventies. Does anybody recognize her?

Update: I’ve been online comparing her with with fashion dolls of the Sixties and Seventies, and she looks a lot like a Francie doll… but without the “real” eyelashes. She also seems smaller in scale; her head is about the height of a quarter and I can’t imagine it on an 11-inch doll. My latest theory is that she’s a dime-store knockoff.

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8 Responses to Anybody Know This Doll?

  1. Anna says:

    How funny that she was in there all that time just waiting to be found. I’m afraid I can’t offer any words of wisdom on what kind of doll she might be, but I will say you may want to lock her up at night in case she’s the evil kind of abandoned doll. 🙂


  2. That is both awesome and terrifying! What a keepsake! (Thanks for your most excellent comment on Christina Farley’s interview of me!)


    • Anne Bingham says:

      I beat the “get your library to order it” drum every few months on the Blueboards. As a former library trustee, I know librarians are happy to do this. I can’t wait to read Escaping the Tiger; having participated in the discussion of possible titles, I feel like one of the book’s godmothers (my suggestion was far from the winning one, however!)


  3. Don’t laugh ,but the first thing I thought of when I saw that doll was Linda Blair in whatever that creepy movie was. (Couldn’t be, though. I don’t think there was a doll of her.)


    • Anne Bingham says:

      If you were thinking of The Exorcist… I have successfully avoided seeing that movie! I have visited one of the locations used for the filming several times, however! Wonder what Linda Blair is up to these days?


  4. MaryWitzl says:

    She looks a little too sad to be a Skipper, and too young to be a Barbie. I’ll be back to see if anyone actually manages to identify her!

    (When I saw her, I remembered Sid from Toy Story 1…)


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