Another Bud Update

I’m astounded to report that Bud has grown a full six inches since the previous photo session on March 11, now measuring 12.5 inches from its little pointy head to the point where it emerges from the bulb.

I wish I’d graphed the growth, because it started slowly, half an inch or so a day, and then just exploded when I wasn’t looking.

I’m hoping it opens soon, because I’m going out of town this weekend and am not looking forward to returning to a houseful of pollen (or missing its second bloom.) Here’s hoping the weather stays mild enough that I can put it outside while I’m gone. I did consider taking it with me—it’s big enough that I probably could get away with using commuter lanes—but I don’t think it would do either of us any good.

[Tuesday morning update:  Now it’s 14 inches tall.]

[Thursday morning: Make that 17 inches.]

© 2010 Anne Bingham and Making It Up as I Go

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5 Responses to Another Bud Update

  1. Z says:

    Oh, you should totally do that—because then Bud could be BOTH Bud, and Buddy and prove that Christopher Curtis wrong, wrong, wrong…



  2. I hope it blooms before you go–to document the growth and miss the bloom would be so frustrating.


  3. Anne Bingham says:

    Linda and Catherine, I am seriously considering taking Bud on the road with me, photographing him at rest stops, in front of relevant highway signs… sort of like Lisa Yee and Peepy, only Bud is a whole lot less portable than Peepy. We’ll see how energetic I am come Friday. A lot depends on the weather; I’m not wild about lugging Bud around in a freezing rain.


  4. Julia says:

    Very cool! I was just at my crit group and her amaryllis was the center of attention for a bit!


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