Amy and Bud

The Amazing Astounding Amaryllis with the saucer-sized blossoms that I wrote about last week is fading, but I’m happy to report that over the weekend I discovered that Amy has a sequel in the works. (For the original post, click here.)

I intended to document the bud’s growth by posting a photo every few days, but I was busy with family stuff until today, so before Bud gets any bigger, here’s the first picture.

Bud and stem together measured 5.5 inches when I took the photo this afternoon. I’ll post updates a couple of times a week because it’s easier than writing something else it’s still ugly and snowy in the upper third of North America and we need all the color we can get.

© 2010 Anne Bingham and Making It Up as I Go

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2 Responses to Amy and Bud

  1. Deb says:

    Your photos of “Amy” are delicious – especially now that our weather has gone gray and rainy again!

    (And you know I wanted to change the e to an i in “Gelding” in the worst way – until I read on! ‘Course, I can’t even read a menu without proofing. Sigh.)

    Write on!


    • Anne Bingham says:

      And this morning it is raining.

      On the other hand, I did see a chipmunk scoot across the driveway, and I have heard robins in our neighborhood (although the only sighting has been a pair hopping on a log along the parkway, which doesn’t count because they weren’t in our yard. The one at our birdbath on February 19 doesn’t count, either; we’re pretty sure she was a tourist up from Illinois).


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